Managing design today

We work with decision makers, implementing design process to support results. Taking a practical approach to understanding your business objectives. Keeping things simple and customer-led. Understanding where you are today, what has and hasn't worked before, and what you need success to look like. We'll get you on track with the right projects, at the right time, with the right designers.

There are common themes where design is not delivering – no clear written brief; no strategic review of all the options before a solution was decided; the designers involved were the first one that came along; decisions were made on the cheapest price; little understanding of the process, how long it would take or what exactly would be involved.

These problems are about the way projects are (or are not) prepared, communicated and measured – this is Design Management.

We offer:

  • Design audits of your current situation
  • Competitor analysis and mapping
  • Clarifying needs of buyers and users
  • Implementing a structured design process
  • Writing design project briefs
  • Sourcing the right design agencies
  • Embedding best practice

Designing future potential

We work with leaders, visualising new product and service concepts based on future scenarios. Taking a design-led approach to navigating the implications of economic, environmental and social change. Keeping things creative, curious, empathic and exploratory. Co-creating, visualising and rapid prototyping. We'll get you articulating future possibilities in ways that support innovation and change. 

This approach applies design thinking in the bigger global and system-level context. Improving lives, generating value, solving the complex challenges of the 21st Century. Design connects business needs with customer and stakeholder expectations. Creating meaning in a volatile world where competition is coming from new directions.

When the future presents change and disruption in ways that don’t match with business today, it can seem implausible. We can attempt fixes to make it go away, or we can take a step back and let new realities unfold.

We offer

  • Design strategy reviews
  • Working with creativity
  • Issue mapping
  • Lifecycle thinking
  • Insights and personas
  • User journeys and blueprints
  • Visuals, concepts and prototypes