Managing design

Too many design projects fail. They turn out to be a waste of time and money. Why? Lack of strategic planning, no clear brief, the wrong design agency, misunderstood expectations. Let's fix this and get best practice back on track.

Managing design.  

How to make creativity work

Mixing design and business can feel like working with oil and water. Creativity comes from a way of working – playful, curious, exploratory, empathic, visual, open-ended. And this way of working can be at odds with good business – structured, efficient, minimising risk, goal-orientated, measurable. This situation can create a cultural stand-off. But if you really want to design and deliver something special, space for the creative process needs to be made. 

Designing future potential

Doing business today is complex. Time for exploring the future is put under pressure. Yet we face unprecedented complexity, uncertainty and pressure to innovate. Let's examine the challenges and find new opportunites. Creative and design skills are essential to having a framework for change.

Designing futures.